Contracts are vital for commerce. Every agreement between two or more parties involves a contract. As commerce moves on-line, contracts will as well. Contracts made over the internet are legally binding in the same way as written/verbal contracts.

By eliminating paper from the contracting process, an electronic contracting solution would allow the addition of lifecycle management, electronic signing and document storage to point of sale services, B2C and B2B contracting processes, while ensuring that the contracts remain secure, compliant with regulations and are auditable.

Aontu.com is a web based contracting service that will contain a suite tools and services that will allow the following functionality

1. Control access and monitor contract additions and modifications online

2. Agree to terms and conditions electronically

3. Present terms, clauses and conditions in a readable/understandable format

4. Archiving different versions of the contract

5. Recording events and notifications that lead to a contract term or condition

6. Allow two or more parties to sign and witness the contract on-line


Contact: Frank McGuinness

Mobile: +353 86 6032698

Email: frank@aontu.com


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